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Helpful resources for individuals working with depression


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  • MoodFx (pronounced “Mood Effects”)  
    Our new, free, internet app for depression screening and depression symptom tracking.  Screens for and monitors symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognition, and work functioning, using clinically valid rating scales in depression.  Learn more about MoodFx here.


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  • Work with Us
    A new workplace-based program that supports Canadians living with depression and/or arthritis by providing the tools they need to actively self-manage, lead healthier lives, and fully engage in work.


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  • Antidepressant Skills at Work
    Written by experts on workplace depression, this is a user-friendly self-management tool that is available for free download on the internet; a paper copy can also be purchased.



Educational resources:



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  • Mental Health Works
    Sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association, a resource for employers and employees about workplace depression and other mental health issues.


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Working with Depression: A clinical research program on workplace depression