The Mood Disorders Centre and UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office have developed MoodFX (pronounced Mood Effects), an interactive website optimized for mobile devices that is designed to help people with depression monitor their symptoms and collaborate with their care providers to achieve better treatment outcomes.

With MoodFX, users are able to:

  • Screen for symptoms of depression and anxiety, and for problems with cognition and work functioning.
  • Track their symptoms when starting a new treatment for depression.
  • Set reminders to check symptoms regularly and before appointments.
  • Print, email, or show results to their doctor right on their mobile device.
  • View their past results and progress over time with simple charts.
  • Receive helpful tips for managing depression, anxiety, and difficulties with cognition and work stress.
  • Monitor for the return of any symptoms once they are feeling better.

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MoodFX is available for free at

Read more about MoodFX and the official release here.


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