THINC-IT® Cognitive Screener

THINC-it® is a brief screening tool designed to measure cognition and determine whether cognitive functioning is impaired. Developed and validated by THINC, an international group of experts in cognition and depression (including Dr. Raymond Lam), the THINC-it® screener is designed to use on a tablet device (iPad, Android, Windows) or a desktop computer. Users can complete the cognitive screening in only 10-15 minutes. THINC-it® includes 4 objective cognitive tests (adapted from choice reaction time, 1-back working memory task, symbol digit coding, and Trails-B) and a subjective cognitive questionnaire (PDQ-5).

Once completed, THINC-it® produces results that are easy to understand. THINC-it® performance results are immediately available and simply presented using a colour scheme (green, amber, red) indicating cognitive performance compared to healthy age-, sex- and education-matched individuals. Data from the user assessment can be confidentially stored and compared to later assessments, including a measure of sensitivity to change with treatment; moreover, a quantitative output can be obtained (e.g., to incorporate in an electronic medical record).

The THINC-it® cognitive screener (and many other resources) can be downloaded for free use at the THINC web site.


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