Are you depressed? Seeking help? Enroll in our study.

We are currently enrolling participants in a clinical research study to look at the effectiveness and safety of an investigational medication (given as a nasal spray) in patients with depression who have not responded to prior treatment with at least 1 antidepressant.

To be considered for the study, you must be:

  • 19 to 64 years old
  • diagnosed with depression
  • still be experiencing depression symptoms despite having taken 1 antidepressant medication in the past
  • comfortable with using a nasal spray
  • able to provide written consent to participate



Please note that you must not have a problem with substance use currently or in the past six months.

The study is being conducted by Dr. Raymond Lam at the Mood Disorders Centre, UBC Hospital.

For more information about this study and how to enroll, please call 604.822.8012.

To read more about the Mood Disorders Centre and this research, please visit our website at